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I'm a habitual line crosser that believes everything happens for a reason, but life comes with no guarantees, no time outs, no second chances, you just have to live life to the fullest. Laugh as much as you can, spend all your money, tell someone what they mean to you, tell someone off, speak out, dance in the pouring rain, hold someone's hand, comfort a friend, love the ones who treat you right, forget about the ones who don't, pig out, smile until your face hurts, be a flirt, stay up late and fall asleep watching the sun come up, don't be aftraid to take chances or fall in love . . . and most of all live in the moment, If you get a second chance, grab it with both hands. If it changes your life, let it. No one said it would be easy, they just promised it would be worth it.

Saturday, January 31, 2009

If you re in Midtown come out to Christians Tailgate for Kareoke
Getting Ready to go to John's Basket Ball Games and then to Hong Kong Chef, love me some dumplings!

Friday, January 30, 2009

Ready for the work week to be over so we can start our trip to Houston and Dans s#%^ face Friday :)
Ready for the work week to be over so we can start the trip to Austin and Dan's shui

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Taking a road trip, and by that I mean leaving the bubble to see two great friends in pflugerville

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Habitat Young Professionals

I just discovered this group in the past month or so when a friend of mine joined the Habitat Board, I think it's a great cause and a great way for young professionals to get involved in the Austin Community:

"Habitat Young Professionals (HYP) is a diverse group of young professionals who share resources, time and talents to make a difference in the Austin community. HYP is about having fun and making connections throughout Austin, all while helping to address the need for affordable housing in our fast growing community. We are a high-energy, motivated group committed to volunteering, donating and spreading the word about Austin Habitat for Humanity to our friends and colleagues. Join us in the Mission to help build dreams.

Please joing use for our 2nd annual Build the HYP Gala Saturday, May 24 @ the Long center for the Performing Arts. Funds raised at the gala will go directly to tbuild the 2008 HYP House, which will bring the dream of homeownership to another hard-working Austin family in Need."

For more info visit http://www.austinhabitat.org/related/hyp/index.php

Monday, January 26, 2009

Blonde GUY Joke - Rare!

An Irishman, a Mexican and a Blonde Guy were doing construction work on
scaffolding on the 20th floor of a building. 

They were eating lunch and the Irishman said,'Corned beef and cabbage!
If I get corned beef and cabbage one more time for lunch, I'm going to
jump off this building.' 

The Mexican opened his lunch box and Exclaimed,'Burritos again! If I
get burritos one more time I'm going to jump off, too.' 

The blonde opened his lunch and said, ' Bologna again! If I get a
bologna sandwich one more time, I'm jumping too.' 

The next day, the Irishman opened his lunch box, saw corned beef and
cabbage, and jumped to his death. 

The Mexican opened his lunch, saw a burrito, and jumped, too. 

The blonde guy opened his lunch, saw the bologna and jumped to his
death as well. 

At the funeral, the Irishman's wife was weeping. She said, 'If I'd
known how really tired he was of corned beef and cabbage, I never would
have given it to him again!'

The Mexican's wife also wept and said, 'I could have given him tacos or
enchiladas! I didn't realize he hated burritos so much.'

Everyone turned and stared at the blonde's wife. The blonde's wife

'Don't look at me. He makes his own lunch. 

Shame on you Benedict

From Megan Gingrich:
This is an embarrasment to me as a Catholic in the 21st Century. I also believe, this decree is going completely against what Pope John Paul II would have ever wanted for our Church's future. I wholeheartedly believe He (Pope John Paul II) would be deeply troubled and hurt to see this happen in our world (as it is) today. Please join me in this cause. Please call me, email me, or what have you, if you want to discuss this in further detail. I am at the point where I am considering some big changes in my faith...just atttemting to initiate some thoughts and action in the meantime. More than anything, I would LOVE to see our lay people of the Catholic Church have a voice that is HEARD. 

I believe 99% of my Catholic (and non Catholic) friends would agree that the genocide of the Holcaust was a true and horrifying act of mankind. If anything, the Catholic Church (the most powerful Church in the world) should have more responsibility to not only speak out against past genocides, but DO MORE TO SPEAK OUT AGAINST CURRENT GENOCIDES (ie., Sudan, just to name one of MANY). I am deeply saddened on our POLITICAL my beloved Church has become.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

John is making pizza in my glasses dan won't stop talking about the hottest girl that ever hit on him and I'm watching George clooney in white boxers

Saturday, January 24, 2009

@ the john legend after party

Friday, January 23, 2009

happy to be closing 3 cases today and declining 2 on Monday

Exercises you can do away from the gym

Here are some resistance training exercises that you can do using just your own body weight:

1. Pushups- standard, on knees, feet propped up on a chair, leaning on a wall, upper body propped up on a couch, etc. There are even more variations by changing body placement and hand-width. 
2. Crunches- feet on floor, lets bent in air, legs straight in air, bicycle crunch, full sit-ups, oblique crunches, plank.
3. Lunges- walking lunges, stationary lunges, side lunges, reverse or front lunges.
4. Squats- feet together, feet shoulder-width, feet wide, back on wall (holding wall sit), holding extra weight (dumbbells, water jugs, etc), one-legged squats (advanced!) 
5. Bridges- lie on your back, legs bent, feet on floor. Lift hips toward ceiling, squeezing glutes the whole time. Challenge yourself by keeping one leg up in the air. 
6. Cardio- climbing your stairs, running/walking/jogging outside, hiking, jumping rope (or just jumping period), kickboxing routines, fitness videos, biking, etc.

As you can see, there are SO many options you can choose from, even with the smallest amount of resources. All of the exercise demos in the Fitness Resource Center are exercises you can do at home.

Investing a little money in a good resistance band, Swiss ball, and/or pair of hand weights will allow you to do a wide variety of exercises from home. 


Body Mechanic Wellness Center is hosting a wine tasting starting at 7:00pm. 

The location is 3110 Guadalupe. It's completely free to attend, and there will be a plethora of wine, local artists exhibitits, and live music. Tim, the owner of Wiggy's Liquors, is putting together a selection of South American wines.

All you need to do is email promo@mybodymechanic.com with an RSVP and you can go! It's free! Free wine!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Is it Weird that I want this?


catching up on quality time with Sake, watching Dane Cook, she loves him
sleepy and ready to go home

AIA Austin's Design Ranch

Design Ranch: April 16-19; Wildemar Ranch; Hunt, TX
AIGA Austin's DESIGN RANCH is a three-day, swiss army knife of a design experience in the heart of the Texas hill country. This isn't one of those slide-and-lecture-blah-blah conferences, so ditch the computer and iPhone and come get your hands dirty and your spirit cleansed. 

Our hands-on workshops rekindle the imagination, taught by Den Leaders with plenty of merit badges of their own: 
JAMES VICTORE, STEVE SIKORA, THE BIRD MACHINE, THOMAS ALLEN, DIANA SUDYKA, JAN HEATON AND READYMADE MAGAZINE, for starters. Plus enough live music, entertainment and campfire shenanigans to keep you out of trouble, Scout's Honor. 

This intimate 150-person weekend has a bad habit of selling out, so the sooner you register at WWW.DESIGNRANCH.ORG the better. 

My President

Chance Encounter

In 1980, when Obama was a freshman at 
Occidental College in Los Angeles , he was approached by an aspiring photographer named Lisa Jack, who asked him if he would be willing to pose for some black and white photographs that she could use in her portfolio 

Of her first meeting (in a campus eatery) with Obama, Jack remembers only that "He was really cute. But what else does a 20-year-old girl remember

In the photos, Jack says, "You can see he is just posing, initially, but as the shoot goes on, he starts to come out. He was very charismatic even then

Jack never realized her dream of becoming a photographer and is now a psychologist


Jack and Obama would see each other only a few more times while students. But in 2005, while on a tour, she spotted Obama on Capitol Hill and yelled hello. "He knew exactly who I was after all this time," Jack says. "I was amazed


On a dare from a skeptical friend, Jack decided to track down her negatives from the shoot.


Initially, before she dug the film out from her basement, Jack never thought her pictures would have much life beyond her own darkroom


When she f found them, the images of Obama "blew me away," she says. "I had no idea I'd taken a whole roll of film

For a while, Jack put the negatives in a safety-deposit box, so that they could not be used until after the election, w hen there would be no chance they could be used for a political purpose.

Today, Jack says, she hopes the photos reveal a "spirit of fun and thoughtfulness
The Man Who
 Would Be President
"I'm not political," Jack says, "(But) these are historic photos and they should be shared

♫ "Sing a song full of the HOPE the present has brought us" James Weldon Johnson, 1899

Tomorrow BvB Happy Hour Recruitment Party

BvB Leadership Planning Committee invites you to The Ranch for the Happy Hour Recruitment Party. Join us for drinks and team sign-up.

Thursday, January 22nd, 2009, 6pm
The Ranch
710 W 6th Street 
Austin, TX 78701

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I was there!!!! I saw the Bidens and Obamas at the Southern States Inaugural Ball

Saturday, January 17, 2009

If you re in dc come meet me at old glory 7:30 in Georgetown drinks will follow

Friday, January 16, 2009

working on Jr. League Stuff

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Lunch With Jeffrey Toobin

Today my friend Lara and I, had lunch with Jeffrey Toobin at the Riverwalk Westin in San Antonio.  The lunch was amazing.  It was very intimate, just a small group of litigation attorneys.  The lunch lasted a couple hours and we were able to talk to him about all sorts of things from growing up with parents who were both journalists, to his experiences as a pioneer legal correspondent in the OJ trial (1st one ;) ) to different things he learned while writing his books.  I find him particularly fascinating, because so many of the reasons why he went into law are the same reasons why I did.  I never thought I wanted to be a lawyer, but I loved history and I loved studying about the government and current events.  For a long time I considered going into journalism.  In fact, my original major was communications, and then I was afraid I wouldn't be able to get a job with a communications degree, so I switched to business.  Watching people like Jeffrey Toobin cover major current events such as the OJ Simpson trial and Bush v. Gore, made me realize the different opportunities that going to law school could open up for me.  It wasn't just working at Fulbright or being a district attorney, neither of which ever seemed appealing to me.  It refreshing to be surrounded by people that were dorks like me today that love history, especially things like how supreme court cases have affected American History.  It was neat to talk to him about his encounters with Justice Sandra Day O'Connor in the months leading up to her resignation due to her husband's illness, and how similar his encounters were to what I had experienced when studying under her in Innsbruch, just a couple years prior to that.  The summer I spent with Justice O'Connor was shortly after her husband was diagnosed and it was not yet public knowledge.  However, because I was good friends with the daughter and the wife of two of my law professors, I had spent some significant time where the professors, including Justice O'Connor, were staying, and little actions showed the manifestation of this disease.  Justice O'Connor had told me that she loved Austria and Germany, because she and her husband had spent an extensive period of time in that part of the world when they were newly weds and that she loved the Innsbruch program, because every time she returned, she would become very nostalgic.  In their younger days they had done a lot of skiing, and hiking.  I was actually fortunate enough to go on a lantern hike with them, and even heard her yodle (sp?) She said that this trip would probably be the last big trip she and her husband took. It was amazing to see the love between the two of them.  And it was amazing to hear Toobin speak about his experiences with the O'Connors and similar they were to mine; that such a tragedy can bring out some of the most beautiful expressions of love one can imagine.  Toobin will be covering the Inauguration from the same spot that his mother and Peter Jennings covered LBJ's inauguration.  Toobin said that he was only 4 at the time and remembers going with his mother to the inauguration.  From his expression you could tell that the kid who "wanted to be anything other than a journalist" found it special to be able to follow in his mother's footprints at such an important time in our country's history.  As I left San Antonio, I felt a renewed feeling of inspiration not only regarding my career goals, but about life in general.  

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

excited that my skinny dress for the BT&B ball was a little snug a few weeks ago and now there is plenty of room!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

OMG that Biach is Wearing My Dress

Are girls are really worried ab
out the same dress at a function with 100s of people there? That is the 
only reason why I can imagine this site was created.  I reall
y think it was probably created by some girl that went and spent a
 ton on new dresses...haha, too b
ad my sister and I have had our
 dresses for years and will still look better than them :)

I registered mine for shits and giggles,
I don't even think I have the right
picture for one of them because 
it's the same brand
but with an empire waist
instead of fitted, but funny
anyway, I feel like it's the
Will there be a red carpet
and someone from E!
to interview us
when we get off the metro?
This is the conversation that went on btwn
my sister and me re: the site. 
5:04 PM Theresahaha, maybe i will register mine...but i probably cant find it b/c its so damn old
5:05 PM mejust make something up, that's what I did, besides if they don't know it seems more rare
  You write all the info in yourself so you can make it up
 Theresa: funny
5:06 PM me: Then when you get it back from the alterations, have them take a picture and upload it, I think that would be awesome. I would have done that but Rachel never gave me any pics from her wedding,
  and Leti's was super easy to find since it was just a couple months ago
5:07 PM Theresa: very true
  but that would require some type of effort on my part and free time...i guess i can fiddle around with it during work :)
5:08 PM methat's what I did 
P.S. We decided we're wearing 
our boots with our ball gown
s for the black tie and boots 
ball, H
enry would be so proud, D.C. better watch out for
Mr. President, Helicopter Drivers are called Pilots . . . one last ridiculous press conference down, one last speech of idiocracy to go!

Attention SAA Graduates

St. Agnes 
is coming 
to Austin!

Don't miss this opportunity to reminisce, 
network and reconnect with Head of School 
Sr. Jane Meyer, O.P. 
and fellow alumnae!  
Please join us for complimentary 
Hors D'Oeuvres and wine/beer.

Happy Hour Details:

Date:  Thursday, February 12, 2009
Time:  Anytime between 6-8 pm
Location:  Chez-Zee
                  5406 Balcones Dr.
                  Austin, TX 78731

Please click on the registration 

link to RSVP online.  

We look forward to seeing you!  

Don't forget to forward this 

to your SAA friends!

Login to register 

and select Event Registration 

from the left menu.

If you have any questions, 

please contact Director of Alumnae Relations, 

Korin Mercer Burnett '96, at

korin.burnett@st-agnes.org or 713-219-5493.


opt-out | privacy policy | contact us

Monday, January 12, 2009

Making a run to get some stuff, packing for D.C.

How to Make the Perfect Sushi or "Sticky" Rice

Sushi Recipe For Making The Perfect Sushi RiceOften, up to 80% of product consumed during a sushi meal is rice. Getting your sushi rice right is a crucial element in successful sushi making at home. The proper preparation of the rice is so important that in our shop as well as most quality establishments there are chefs whose sole responsibility is to cook the rice.

Let's Begin
If you do not have a Japanese rice cooker, a heavy pot with lid is essential( I like Lagostina cookware). One secret is to always measure your ingredients carefully. Following is a basic sushi rice recipe for rolled sushi. Also, the type of rice you use is most important.

We recommend the following brands: Kokuho Rose, Tamaki Gold, Tamanishiki, Nozomi and Yume.

Prepare Your Tezu
Your first step is to prepare your vinegar-water solution called tezu. Mix together 250 ml of water, 30 ml of rice vinegar (Marukan and Mitsukan are excellent) and 5 ml of salt.

(yields - 4 large rolls [futomaki] or 10 small rolls [hosomaki]) 500 ml Sushi Rice
600 ml Water
60 ml Rice Vinegar
30 ml Sugar
5 ml Salt

Wash The Rice
Wash the rice several times until the water runs fairly clear when draining. Let your wash rice strain for 30 minutes. Transfer the rice to your pot or Japanese electric rice cooker and add the measured water. 

Cook The Rice
For electric rice cookers, turn on and wait for rice to finish cooking. For stove top cooking heat to boiling , cover tightly and simmer at lowest heat allowing the rice to steam for 18 minutes. You must leave it covered... no peaking! 

Remove your pot from the heat and let stand covered for another 15 minutes. 

Prepare Your Sushi Vinegar
Mix the vinegar, sugar and salt together in a small saucepan. Heat the mixture until the sugar dissolves, stirring frequently. Remove from heat and let your sushi vinegar cool to room temperature. 

Take a wooden spatula or spoon and cut and fold the rice. Be gentle as you do not want to smash the cooked grains. 

Prepare Your Mixing Bowl
Sushi Recipe For Making The Perfect Sushi RiceMoisten your bowl with a cloth dampened with your TEZU mixture. The traditional bowl to use is the flat-bottomed wooden sushi oke or hangiri. The porous wood absorbs excess moisture and the large surface allows the rice to cool more quickly and evenly. 

Put the hot rice into your mixing bowl and add 1/4 of the sushi vinegar solution. Mix with a folding motion so as to not smash your perfect sushi rice. Repeat until all sushi vinegar is used. 

Fan Your Rice
After mixing, fan [electric fan will work] the hot rice mixture for about 5 or 6 minutes in order to remove excess moisture and create a glossy shine to your rice. Your rice should have a slight chewiness and be sticky to the touch.

You're Done
Et Voila! Sushilinks' perfect sushi rice – ready for rolling!

sushi linksfor some more exclusive recipes, see Sushi Recipes Page

Sunday, January 11, 2009

needs to clean the apartment today :(

Dancing for a Good Cause

Its a...DANCE OFF!! for cash money!

If your not dancing your dead...
Event Info
UG Life and High Society
Time and Place
Start Time:
Friday, January 30, 2009 at 9:00pm
End Time:
Saturday, January 31, 2009 at 1:30am
Creeekside Live (right next to creekside lounge)
Austin, TX


UG Life Productions and High Society are bringing you a DANCE-A-THON!! Thats right kids! You think you can dance all night, then bring it on! There will be CASH and PRIZES and plenty for the last dancer standing.

cost!: 8 bucks or 6 bucks with 2 canned goods!!
(the cans are going to Caritas of Austin)

FREE LONE STAR AND RED BULL (while supplies last)

Doors open at 9 for registration and stretching. Then the dancing will start at 9:30 sharp! If you want to dance for the cash and prizes, please get there before 9:30! We CAN NOT allow late entry to the Dance-a-thon, it would not be fair.

Dance jams provided by Hot Britches, TEAMWORK and Da Miing.

warm up jams! provided by Birdkiller!

we will also have...
photo booth with Trevor Ray Thompson
give aways from Hey! Unite and beats broke records.

If you dont want to compete, then the cover is just 5 bucks! But really, why would you not compete? There is a chance to win at least 100 bucks cash money, plus all kinds of other prizes!! the more people we get through the door, the more money you have a chance of winning! so invite all your friends!!

High Society has already throwen some of the best parties in town! You may remember The East Austin Moustache Party, The Neon Party or The Psycho Dance Party on Halloween if you thought those were crazy check us out this time when we team up with The guys at UG Life Productions (a name you need to know) to set-up one the biggest events of 2009. There is still sometime before the dance-a-thon so you better believe they are not stopping there with getting you guys free stuff!


just in case you want one :)

Bush's Last Day - 01.20.09®

Everything Must Go! Up to 75% Off!
just a sampling... ALL our products now on sale! Use code BLD25 at checkout for an additional 25% off!

A day that will live in history!

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Is trying to follow Andy's advice to "get my mind right," next weekend is going to be ridiculous.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Friday, January 9, 2009

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Free Week Cheat sheet

Austin “Free Week” Cheat Sheet

January 3, 2009 · Print This Article

In case you haven’t heard…. Once a year, a few of Austin’s Red River District venues (along with Transmission Entertainment) get together to hold “Free Week,” a series of events showcasing nearly 200 local indie bands during the first week of the new year. With the exception of a few shows that charge a $5 cover for the poor kids that haven’t reached the legal drinking age, all shows are cover free. While it makes me cringe to know that bands are compensated in the form of promotion (it is the Austin way!), the least we can do is show up, rock out, and buy the guys some beers.

With artists like What Made Milwaukee Famous, The Lemurs (which was last night, suckas), The Ugly Beats, Riverboat Gamblers, Richard Henry, DJ Remy Mac, and Passed Out Flyers among the massive line up scheduled across 7 days and 7 stages, help out with the Red River stimulus package by grabbing a pint and catching a show. Free Week is going on until next Saturday, January 10th at Emo’s, Red 7, Mohawk, and Club Deville, with Beerland and Stubb’s catering to the theme on some nights.

So where’s the line up? After trolling around the intertubes, the full line up for each venue on each day is scattered throughout the following sites. Or, you can download and print out the PDF pocket cheat sheet from the link below.

Download the PDF: Austin Free Week Cheat Sheet

Showlist Austin
Austin Soundcheck
Transmission Entertainment

More On This Topic

Just Click It . . . You Know You Want to


Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I thought that bloody mary @ lunch would get me through the day, but no, I'm in desperate need of Maiko's Sushi & Strawberry Champagne Martini
just ordered my opera gloves for the Inaugural ball!!!!

The 11 Worst Foods of 2008

The 11 Worst Foods of 2008

By: Stepfanie Romine : 1/5/2009 10:28:01 PM : 435 comments

Fast food and chain restaurants have evolved significantly over the last few years. Burgers, fries and sodas are still the status quo for many diners, but those who seek healthier foods have plenty of options, from fruit and yogurt parfaitsand baked potatoes, to apples cut like fries and grilled chicken. Trans fats have been reduced and eliminated; lowfat milk, fresh fruits and vegetables grace the menus at even the most ubiquitous roadside eateries; and more companies are disclosing nutritional information. 

Despite those changes, fast foods menus remain dichotomous: Healthy choices reside next to triple-stacked burgers and extra large fries.

We've rounded up 11 of the worst foods we've seen this year. 

Stay far, far away from the foods listed below, and instead select from the plentiful healthy choices at each of the restaurants included in this article.

Starbucks Signature Hot Chocolates 

Yeah, yeah, yeah, we know you need your caffeine fix. And yes, we know, Starbucks is delicious. But these Signature Hot Chocolates are drinkable desserts, plain and simple. 

The no-frills version has 430 calories, which has more than three times as many calories as a grande skinny Caffè Latte and almost twice as many calories as a skinny Caffè Mocha. (You save a few calories by getting iced hot chocolate, but in the middle of winter, who wants to drink that oxymoron?)

Hazelnut Signature Hot Chocolate (no whip)* 
510 calories 
22 g fat 
14 g saturated fat 

Salted Caramel Signature Hot Chocolate (no whip)* 
550 calories 
24 g fat 
14 g saturated fat 

Signature Hot Chocolate (no whip)* 
430 calories 
20 g fat 
12 g saturated fat 

(*calculated for a grande with 2% milk; add 70-80 calories and 7-8 g fat for the whipped cream, and save 30-40 calories and 3-4 g fat by asking for nonfat milk)

Wendy's Gourmet Mushroom Swiss Burger 

Wendy's worked hard to class itself up in 2008, giving its namesake a tuxedo in ads and stressing the freshness and "gourmet" items on its menu. The home of the fresh-never-frozen-burger earned a respectable B rating on its restaurant report card, thanks to a variety of salads and healthy side items such as yogurt, chili, baked potatoes and mandarin oranges. After last year's Baconator, we thought Wendy's had learned its lesson. 

Then Wendy's came out with this: 
"A 1/4 lb. of fresh, hot 'n juicy beef, topped with natural Swiss cheese, sautéed Portabella mushroom blend, hickory smoked bacon, a savory peppercorn sauce, crisp lettuce and red, ripe tomato." 
Gourmet and gourmand aren't synonymous, Wendy's. This burger would be better named the "Glutton Mushroom Swiss Burger." A regular 1/4 pound hamburger has 170 fewer calories and 16 fewer grams of fat! Stick with the chili and a baked potato if you want to watch your girlish figure, Wendy! 

600 calories 
36 g fat 
14 g saturated fat 
1.5 g trans fat 
110 mg cholesterol
1,090 mg sodium
37 g carbs
2 g fiber
35 g protein 

Burger King Mushroom Swiss Steakhouse Burger

Wendy's, we take back what we said. Yours is not the worst mushroom Swiss burger to show up on fast food menus this year. That award goes to Burger King, which relied on Simon & Garfunkel style warbling ballads to sell its upgraded burger:

"Flame-grilled Angus beef, tender mushrooms, warm, melted Swiss cheese,* crispy onions, golden corn dusted bun. (*Processed and pasteurized cheese)"

Burger King doesn't mess around with lettuce and tomato on this burger and nixes the bacon, too. I'm not really sure where those extra 220 calories come from, but they're certainly not helping you reach your five a day vegetable and fruit quota! 

Maybe, instead of naming each of these burgers to our list, we should have just named "Mushroom-Swiss fast food burgers" the worst food trend of 2008. 

850 calories 
48 g fat
18 g saturated fat 
2 g trans fat
130 mg cholesterol
1,950 mg sodium
54 g carbs
4 g fiber
41 g protein 

Romano's Macaroni Grill 
Seared Sea Scallops salad 

Why bother even calling this a salad? Could we ask restaurants to have a calorie and fat limit for the salad section? I'd like to be able to order salads without worrying I'm consuming an entire day's worth of protein and fat. Judging from the Macaroni Grill menu, it's impossible to create a salad with more than lettuce and dressing for under 500 calories. Macaroni Grill flunked the Men's Health restaurant review

"Seared sea scallops, tender leaves of spinach, arugula, feta cheese, crispy prosciutto, toasted walnuts and Parmesan crisps with light citrus dressing." 

Psst… vegetables and lean protein taste good. You don’t need to douse them in fat for us to eat them. (Don't you just love that it comes with a "light" citrus dressing? Nothing in this salad is light, judging from the nutritional info!)

1,270 calories 
94 g fat 
27 g saturated fat
2,740 mg sodium 
42 g carbs
76 g protein 
6 g fiber 

Butterscotch Rocks Pancakes at IHOP 

That IHOP doesn't provide nutritional info should be enough reason to skip breakfast. Most of the foods gracing the pages of its large glossy menu are desserts masquerading as breakfast and have more toppings than a banana split! 

We shook our heads at the "stuffed" French toast, dropped our jaws at the coffee cake pancakes and finally threw down our forks at the Butterscotch Rocks pancakes:

"Four fluffy buttermilk pancakes filled with pecans, granola and butterscotch chips, then topped with whipped topping and drizzled with caramel sauce." 
Needless to say, these pancakes didn't find their way onto the "IHOP for Me" healthier section of the menu. This dish seems to be the winner of a "how many sweet-and-sugary-toppings-can-we-cram-onto-a-stack-of-pancakes" contest! 

We conservatively estimated the nutritional content of these pancakes based on menu description. 

1,310 calories 
52 g fat 

A standard 4" pancake has just 80 calories and 3 grams of fat; however, IHOP's flapjacks would dwarf your homemade ones. You could eat more than a dozen regular 4-inch pancakes with a 1/4 cup of syrup and a tablespoon of butter for the same calories. 

KFC Original Recipe Fully Loaded Box Meal 

Nobody needs a box of food. Chances are good that if your restaurant food comes in a box, it should be shared or just avoided. KFC made our Worst Foods of 2007 list with its Chicken & Biscuit Bowl. Now, the folks that brought you a chicken dinner in a bowl bring you the "KFC Original Recipe Fully Loaded Box Meal." It comes in a Guitar Hero box, but we're slightly confused. Are you supposed to eat this while playing Guitar Hero? When I think about rocking out to a video game, I don't conjure an image of myself holding a drumstick seasoned with 11 herbs and spices. 

"The KFC Original Recipe Fully Loaded Box Meal brings all your favorites together for an over-the-top concert of flavor. Each box is jammed with two Original Recipe Strips pressure-cooked in the Colonel's famous 11 herbs and spices, plus an Original Recipe Snacker, your choice of a drumstick or thigh, 2 individual homestyle sides, a famous KFC freshly-made biscuit and 32 oz drink. Man that's a lot of food!"

1,320 calories (calculated with barbecue baked beans, cole slaw, a drumstick and a Pepsi)
43 g fat 
8 g saturated fat 
3.5 g trans fat 
100 mg cholesterol 
2,740 mg sodium 
196 g carbs
40 g protein 
13 g fiber 

Taco Bell Fully Loaded Nachos 

If there were 10 Diet Commandments, somewhere on that list would be this sage piece of advice: Thou shalt never eat the receptacle in which thy food is served. Nothing healthy comes in a carbohydrate bowl! Taco Bell has taken the edible food vessel one step further. Their "Fully Loaded Nachos," which are already a big pile of greasy chips with "double the seasoned beef, fiesta salsa, guacamole, hearty beans, three cheese blend and nacho cheese sauce," are served in a giant fried tortilla. Nachos served in a nacho. Na-cho best idea, Taco Bell. 

Parent company Yum! had been making tremendous progress on the healthful fast food front, by touting its Fresco menu at Taco Bell, adding lighter items at Long John Silver's and volunteering to post nutritional info. This, along with that whole "Fourth Meal" campaign, is a giant step back across the border, Taco Bell! 

1,390 calories 
83 g fat 
17 g saturated fat
4.5 g trans fat
70 mg cholesterol
2,190 mg sodium
15 g fiber 
34 g protein 

Olive Garden Chicken & Shrimp Carbonara 

Carbonara pasta is essentially bacon-and-egg pasta. Delicious, yes. Healthy, no. The simple dish is traditionally made with "egg, pancetta (Italian unsmoked bacon), black pepper, and parmesan or pecorino" cheese. Olive Garden's version "combines chicken and shrimp with bucatini pasta in a pancetta and parmesan cream sauce." It's then "baked and topped with seasoned breadcrumbs."

UPDATE: Olive Garden now lists nutrition info! (Score one for the Olive Garden! Thank you!) However, we now know that this pasta has 1,440 calories, 88 g and 3,000 mg sodium! Olive Garden doesn't release its nutritional info, but this dish is rumored to have upwards of 1,400 calories . Picture fettuccini alfredo--an Italian fat bomb on its own--with bacon and breadcrumbs, plus shrimp and chicken. The photo on the Olive Garden website shows pasta swimming in sauce, so this clearly is a high-calorie dish. 

Maybe someday Italian food in America will no longer be drowning in butter, cream and cheese. Plenty of traditional dishes contain those rich ingredients, but Italians have learned a word that's been lost in translation: moderazione, ormoderation

Jack in the Box Egg Nog Shake 

Jack must have been knocked in his noggin before he came up with this eggnog shake. Egg nog, that delicious yet caloric holiday beverage chock full of eggs, sugar and cream, is blended with ice cream for a seasonal treat. That's almost an entire day's calories in a glass. You could eat four Jack in the Box hamburgers with cheese for about the same calories and 23 fewer grams of fat. Pretty hard to swallow, isn't it? 

1,450 calories (large shake)
68 g of fat 
24 g of saturated fat 
3 g trans fat 

Quizno's Prime Rib Cheesesteak 

"It’s the sandwich your mouth always wanted," says Quizno's. It's the sandwich your heart always feared, we say. This beefed-up cheesesteak boasts "prime rib, Swiss, sautéed onions, mayo" on toasted bread. Let's return to the list of Diet Commandments for a moment. #4:Thou shalt not eat anything thy can't fit in thy mouth. No one needs to eat sandwiches so big you must unhinge your jaw like a snake to consume. Pass them by, Dagwood, unless you want to eat an entire day's worth of sodium and saturated fat in one meal. 

Large sandwich 
1490 calories 
88 g fat 
21 g saturated fat 
2,675 mg sodium 
(Small: 640 calories, 37 g fat, 8.5 g saturated fat) 

Chili's Texas Cheese Fries with Jalapeno Ranch dressing 

Whose idea was cheese fries? They're delicious, sure, but really, did we need to top deep-fried potatoes with greasy melted cheese and bacon and dip them in dressed-up mayonnaise? No, we did not. Now they're a staple at chain restaurants, who try to one-up each other with signature ranch dressings, extra toppings and, ultimately, more fat. 

Chili's boasts: "homestyle fries topped with melted cheese, jalapeños, applewood smoked bacon & jalapeño-ranch dipping sauce."
These fries lost the contest for the worst cheese fries in America (that dishonor went to Outback Steakhouse's cheese fries), but it was a tight race. 

One hundred and sixty grams of fat. One-six-zero. 160! (Oh, and you'll get 1 1/2 days' worth of sodium in one meal!)

2,070 calories 
160 g fat 
73 g saturated fat
73 g carbs
85 g protein
8 g fiber 
3,730 mg sodium 

Eating away from home--even when you're on the run--doesn't mean eating unhealthfully. We've got 11 ways you can slim down your fast food order. 

Have you tried these foods? Do you intend to try them? Know of a food that should be on our list? 

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

checking out hotels for Carnaval in Rio, any suggestions?
Don't you just love when you download the playlist of all time and then your earphones stop working . . . Damn you earphones!
Hoping my pump session will take my headache away

Monday, January 5, 2009

About to get my Live Mocha on 1 hour of Spanish and 1 Hour of Portuguese to brush up for my trip next month, want to impress S. American friends new and old

Another Funny Work Email

>>> Kathleen Warner 1/5/2009 4:34 PM >>>
If You see Noelle, tell her that her elbows look really good, hot, sexy, sassy, something to that extent, she came into my office complaining of having "old lady elbows" which I didn't know existed, but apparently she thinks they do, I think it would be cute, if everyone started complimenting her on how good her elbows look.

>>> Patrick  1/5/2009 5:01 PM >>>
Fine. What about this?  Help me choose:

 "hey hot, sassy elbow lady" 

 "you have the elbows of someone much younger"

"do you have your elbows professionally done?"

" are those elbows or ornate gold statuettes attaching your forearm and upperarm?" 

You Know You've Been at the Office Too Long When

This is where the emails start to go:

From Boss Man:
Re:  item 3 on Greg's email attached:   Please remember to delete your pdfsfrom the temporary "CMF Scanned Documents" folder after you have saved the document to the case specific folder where it belongs. 

>>> Susan  1/5/2009 3:03 PM >>>
OMG!!!!!!!!! How many times do we have to re hash this issue?

>>> Greg  1/5/2009 3:05 PM >>>
Imagine my horror when that was forwarded.  I was really only concerned with #s 1 and 2.  It is an ongoing issue in the _______ case.  There is not enough space on the server for us to do our document productions.

>>> Katie 1/5/2009 4:08 PM >>>
There's not enough room for yall to do document production and not enough time for us to review ours, quit complaining and brown nosing Greg

>>> Susan  1/5/2009 4:26 PM >>>
If he continues with this behavior we may have to re-evaluate his membership in the cool club.

>>> Greg  1/5/2009 4:37 PM >>>
I think I'm being unfairly maligned for dutifully passing along to The Man a suggestion (#1, btw), but is a "cool club" one of those things you hook onto your steering wheel to prevent someone from stealing your vehicle, but in hot neon colors or perhaps paisley?

>>> Susan 1/5/2009 4:44 PM >>>
No, that would be simply "the club" -- which prevents wrongdoing (e.g. car theft). Which is something entirely different than our cool club.  The key word, as you yourself mention Greg is dutiful. Stop being so damn dutiful and you'll be alright.

>>> Noelle  1/5/2009 4:46 PM >>>
Just remember Susan is the "softie" in her family. 

>>> Greg  1/5/2009 4:52 PM >>>
That's what she proclaimed, but I just want to know if then, as opposed to now, will I be alright?  Will my ship come in, too?  And finally, but most importantly, will she like me?

>>> Susan  1/5/2009 5:01 PM >>>
What the hell are you talking about? What ship?  Are we on a ship?  Are you hallucinating again, sailor boy?   

>>> Greg  1/5/2009 5:04 PM >>>
I must confess that I never expected you to call me in public what you call me behind closed doors.  Or, for that matter, to mention the trips we've taken together.

>>> Noelle  1/5/2009 5:06 PM >>>
Sailor boy.... do you have a little cap with a bow on it.....wow you two....pretty creative.

>>> Greg  1/5/2009 5:08 PM >>>
Is that where the bow goes?  Heck, now I have to get a hat.

If you are adding to the wardrobe, I prefer the sailor CAP-- which doesn't have a bow.  And just for the record, since it's all out in public now, that wasn't a bow.

'bout to go do some Fiesta Bowl watching

Your Contract is Renewed . . .

After serious & cautious consideration . . .

Your contract of friendship has been renewed for the New Year 2009!

It was a very hard decision to make. So try not to screw it up!!!

My Wish for You in 2009

May peace break into your house and may thieves come to steal your debts. May the pockets of your jeans become a magnet of $100 bills. May love stick to your face like Vaseline and may laughter assault your lips! May your clothes smell of success like smoking tires, and may happiness slap you across the face, and may your tears be that of joy. May the problems you had, forget your home address! In simple words . . . May 2009 be the best year of your life!!!

having lunch with Jeffrey Toobin next week!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

It's a school night, so I'm leaving Mohawk's a little early to go home and watch some Big Love and put my IKEA stuff together

Friday, January 2, 2009

At el patio in midtown and then to visit Adam at the Drake

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Just finished my IKEA and Target Run now all I need is a strapping young man to help a chica out
Nothing like starting the new year by getting organized, and by that I mean making a run to IKEA

Goal: To Lose a Pound a Week and keep it off between now and Feb. 20th


Cut Calories Without Dieting

Cut Fat and Calories Without Deprivation

-- By Nicole Nichols, Health Educator & Fitness Instructor
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The word "diet" doesn’t always mean eating less to lose weight—although that’s what we commonly associate it with today. Someone "on a diet" is trying to eat less, or stop eating sweets to fit into a smaller pant size. 

Diet has another meaning. It also describes the food that you normally consume—following a vegetarian diet, an American diet, or "My diet consists of meat and potatoes." Improving your normal diet by making gradual, but permanent changes is a healthier way to lose weight than by just restricting calories. 

Low calorie and fad diets can have serious health implications—insufficient vitamin and nutritional intake, lethargy, slowed metabolism, hormonal effects, and even dehydration. Dieters commonly experience intense feelings of hunger and deprivation, which can lead to "cheating" or bingeing over time. 

Here are a few tips to help you decrease your caloric intake without "dieting" or feeling deprived.

Don’t eyeball it
Studies show that people tend to underestimate how much they really eat every day. In doing so, we consume too many calories without realizing it. Research shows that keeping a log by recording exercise and food intake is one of the best predictors of successful weight loss. 
  • A written record can point out your eating patterns (eating in front of the TV or in the car, eating the same breakfast every day), triggers (stress, sadness, boredom, time of day), and areas where nutritional changes can be made. You may find that you are eating less fruits than you thought or drinking too much soda, for example. Then you’ll know where you can implement healthy changes. 
  • Reading food labels is key to healthy portion sizes. At a quick glance, a bottle of juice (or bag of chips, candy bar, or frozen entrée) may appear to contain 100 calories, but a closer look will reveal that the package includes two or more servings, which doubles the caloric content. 
  • After familiarizing yourself with portion sizes, be sure to measure. Be exact if cooking at home, but when eating out, think about common objects. Two tablespoons of peanut butter, mayo, or dressing is about the size of a golf ball. A serving of meat is the size of a deck of cards or the palm of your hand. A medium piece of fruit is similar to a baseball. 
  • Having trouble stopping at one serving of pretzels or chips? Buy single-serving packages of your favorite foods for built-in portion control, or measure out single servings into baggies or containers.
Hold the fat It’s important to remember that not all fats are bad. Certain oils (olive, canola), and nuts are nutritious and healthy to eat. However, fat does have more than twice the calories per gram than carbohydrates and protein (9, 4, and 4, respectively). And generally, people consume too much and the wrong kinds of fats, which means excessive calories.
  • When cooking, limit the amount of oil you use by using a non-stick pan. You can also use spray-able oils (avoid substitutes and go for the real olive and canola oil sprays) to coat your pans with virtually zero calories. A MISTO sprayer, available in department stores, can evenly distribute 1/2 teaspoon of oil or salad dressing, compared to the 2-3 teaspoons that you would usually pour on for the same purpose—a savings of 100 calories. 
  • Skimp on butters, dressings, and creams, using just enough for taste. Try a baked potato flavored with salsa rather than butter, and forgo the "secret sauce" on your favorite burger. Search for lite or reduced-fat versions of certain condiments, like dressings and sauces. One serving of lite mayo has less than half the calories (85) of regular mayo (200), but is almost identical taste and texture. 
  • Blotting the fat from greasy foods like cheese pizza or burgers is also worth the effort. One could easily soak up a teaspoon of grease, 5 grams of fat, and 40 calories from two slices of pizza alone. 
  • Add flavor to foods without excess calories and fat by using herbs, fresh or dried. An added bonus: studies show that spicy foods, flavored with red peppers or chili peppers, may boost metabolism and help you to stop eating sooner. 
  • When cutting out high-fat and high-calorie foods, replace them with fruits and vegetables. These essentials are low in calories, but high in volume, fiber and nutrients, which can give a feeling of fullness. They make great snacks and are easy to pack. Stick to whole foods as much as possible. A potato is a better option than an order of fries, just as an apple is healthier than a slice of apple pie.
Drink water, not alcohol
Not only does alcohol contain 7 calories per gram, but it also lowers self-control when it comes to food. Limit your alcohol intake and your body will thank you. Save alcohol for a post-meal indulgence, rather than drinking it before or with food. Studies show that alcohol lowers inhibitions and control when it comes to eating, causing people to eat more than those who waited to drink after finishing a meal. 

Drink water throughout the day, before, and during meals to help curb your appetite. Oftentimes, people think they are hungry when they are actually thirsty or dehydrated. Dehydration can slow metabolism, but the process of drinking water and warming it to body temperature involves energy and burns calories. Plus, being well hydrated gives body at least 10 minutes more energy for exercise, according to a study in the International Journal of Sports Medicine. 

To lose a healthy one pound of fat per week, all it takes is a 500-calorie deficit per day (which can be achieved by reducing calories, exercising more, or a combination of both). For a healthy lifestyle, not a diet, that is easy to stick with, try incorporating some or all of these easy strategies to reduce calories without giving up the pleasures of eating.